The JVC HD (High Definition) Video Camera

The picture below shows how the operate the video camera. It is a very simple but effective device to use.
external image simple-camcorder-JVC-Picsio-GC-FM1.jpg

Things to note:

  1. the device needs charging, it comes with a USB cable please connect the device to your laptop/netbook when not is use.
  2. to download the video or pictures please connect the USB cable and open the drive, locate the files, copy it to your computer, or better upload it to Google (Picasa for pictures, Youtube for Video). Uploading video to Youtube form this device is fairly easy. The video format the file is in is compatible with Youtube.
  3. Switch off the device after use.
  4. The device to be returned to the lecturer at the end of the lesson or at the end of the day.

What can I use it for?

You can use this video camera for many purposes for example:
  1. for your video blog, to reflect on a days class
  2. when you go for a field trip, video to take pictures on things that catch you attention or you consider important to your learning. You can later use these pictures or video to write your blog post. Remember your blogs at the end of the course will make up your portfolio and this is something you can take to you potential employer when looking for a job.
  3. take pictures and videos of things you and your group do in class.
  4. use it to collect information, it could be outside the classroom or inside

Why collect pictures and video?

The pictures and video you take becomes the content for your portfolio (blog). Portfolio is an expression of who you are and what this course means to you. It is your space to be creative and to showcase your potential. Capturing some of these moments will add credit to your portfolio.

It will also show your future employer what you have done in the course and what your teachers and peers thought of you.

I suggest that you make a blog post every second day of the course, use the pictures and videos you would have capture. Don't just put up a picture or video as your blog post write a bit about it, like:
  • when it happened
  • what happened
  • what did you learn from it
  • associate this experience with any other similar experience you would have had before.