What is an ePortfolio?

Need help getting started?

In this course, you'll be treating you blog as your portfolio. The purpose of your blog is to capture everything on daily bases or weekly that happens in the classroom or outside or even at home. Your blog post can have things like:
  1. pictures (your own)
  2. videos (your own)
  3. links to other website that you found useful or you referred to in understanding a concept or researching a new topic or subject.
  4. your reflections on
    • what happened in class today
    • what was your contribution
    • what did you like
    • what you didn't like
    • what did you learn, you can use pictures/videos you would have taken in class to use here
    • how made the topic interesting, what things made it boring
    • you can also write about any other thing you did in class

You can use Gibbs Model of reflection to do your blog posts:
external image gibbsmodelreflection.jpg


You can choose to mix your blog a bit using the tools you have. For example to can use your Webcam and record most of the things above and post it to Youtube and then embed it in your blog and write about things you may have missed out on.

Are you wondering why you are doing all this?

I would if I was in your position.

Having an ePortfolio, gives you something at the end of the course to take away apart from your grade. It is something you can show to potential employers to showcase your strength and things you have done in the course. It is a good way to show them that you have got experience.

It also gives your colleagues in class an opportunity to learn from you or in some cases help you in some way or the other. It's like whenever you update your status on Facebook or Bebo and your friends come along and say 'I like this' or they let you know what they think of your status update.

It also gives you an opportunity to create your own learning space, something you are in-charge of. It doesn't have to be 'formal'. You can give it a feel and look of your own.

It also gives you an opportunity to showcase any prior knowledge you may have from the years before you start the course. This wouldn't normally be otherwise, the opportunity never comes by.

Your Blog posts will be validated by your peers in class and your teacher. This is done when member in class and teacher post comments. The word validate means endorsement, assuring the person who is reading the post that yes you indeed did this and it is not something that has been made up.

At the end of the course you could put together a Video Portfolio as this student did:

It becomes easier to do this because you have got all the materials you need (you would have collected pictures, videos etc). All you are doing at this stage is collating them.